Ball life

Ball life is strongly dependent on the cleaning frequency and the surface condition of the tubes to be cleaned.

It is typically about 6 weeks, but can be much longer depending on local conditions and frequency of cleaning.

Scaled and corroded surfaces have a particularly detrimental effect on ball life.

The use of other types of ball, e.g. abrasive balls, to polish roughened surfaces should be considered in case of excessive ball wear.

Note: abrasive balls should be used with care, so as to avoid the risk of enhanced corrosion, especially in brackish, sea or other high-chloride cooling waters.



Regardless of manufacturer, cleaning balls should be stored carefully in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Extremes of temperature should be avoided.

To prevent deformation of the balls, it is recommended that they be stored in the boxes in which they are supplied.

Experience has shown that storing more than 2 boxes high should be avoided.

If the balls are removed from the box, they should be stored loosely, for the same reason.

If properly stored, the balls have practically an indefinite shelf life.