Scouring Balls  –  Type RB 

Scouring Balls  –  Type RBL

Typical applications:

On-line tube cleaning systems operating at temperature up to 80°C (e.g. steam condensers and heat exchangers in conventional and nuclear power plants) for removing those adherent deposits which cannot be removed using sponge balls and where the use of abrasive balls is not permitted or recommended. A typical example would be bio-fouled layers which form readily on seawater-cooled titanium heat exchanger tubes, and where sponge balls tend to smear out the deposits but not remove them completely.

Available forms:

Our Types RB and RBL “Scouring Balls” are available in a range of standard sizes from 15 to 45 mm diameter, in 1 mm steps.



Chemical composition:

The composition of the balls is based on a natural rubber mixture containing inert filler material (ratio of filler to rubber approx.  1:2). Roughly 10-20% of the mixture is vulcanizing agents. Additionally it contains fine particles of granulated harder filler material. The exact mixture has been chosen so as to give the optimum combination of  physical properties, ball life and cleaning effect. This filler material has been  specifically chosen so as to have a hardness less than of the commercially-available grades of titanium condenser tubing.


The colour for this balls are:

RB -> blue    RBL -> yellow

Sinking velocity:  

Type RB    3 – 6 cm/sec

Type RBL 1 – 4 cm/sec

Watering characteristics: 

Immediately prior to use, the balls are watered by squeezing them under water in the ball vessel several times to expel air.

Cleaning effect:

This effectiveness of scouring balls is strongly dependent on the nature of the  fouled layer to be removed. In general the cleaning effect can be compared with that  of abrasive balls but avoiding the disadvantage of being detrimental to the tube material. The granulated particles prevent the tendency of sponge balls to smear out and remove them completely.

Regular use of scouring balls: 

In contrast to the use of abrasive balls,  where there is a risk of tube wear with excessive etc., the underlying tube material is unaffected by the cleaning action of the scouring ball on titanium tubes. Consequently, scouring balls can be used continually or at regular intervals.

Ball life:

Ball life is strongly dependent on the cleaning frequency and the surface condition of the tubes to the cleaned. It is typically about 6 weeks, but can be much longer depending on local conditions and frequency of cleaning.The special cleaning ability of this type of ball is available during the whole ball life in contrary to coated balls, where the coating is worn away after about 16 hours of operation.