Schwammkugeln – Typ RS + RSL

Typical  applications:

On-line tube cleaning systems operating at temperatures up to 90°C (e.g. steam condensers and heat exchangers in conventional and nuclear power plants and lower temperature MSF units). Other types of ball are available for other   applications.


Available  forms:

Type RS Sponge Balls are available in a range of standard sizes from 10 to 45 mm diameter, in 1 mm steps.

Each size is available in a standard medium grade of hardness.

Non-standard sizes  or hardness’s are available on request.

Chemical composition: 

The composition of the balls is based on a natural rubber mixture containing inert filler  material. 10-20% of the mixture is vulcanizing  agents. The exact mixture has been chosen so as to give the optimum combination of physical properties, ball in life and cleaning effect.

There is no health risk associated with the ball mixtures; all chemicals used are permitted for use in contact with foodstuffs.


The standard colour is red.

Light ball colour is  yellow.

Sinkingand  watering characteristics:

Immediately prior to use the balls are watered by squeezing them under water in the ball vessel about to 3 to 4 times to expel air.

To ensure that all tubes are cleaned, the  watered balls should have a specific gravity  close to that of the cooling medium.

They have a sinking velocity of:

Standard ball         – 8-12 cm/sec.

Light ball            – 1-4  cm/sec.