Sponge Balls


Type “RS”

sball2These balls are suitable for use in all types of on-line tube cleaning system operating at temperatures up to 80°C.

They easily remove soft deposits, such as mud, silt, sand, and slime typically found in once-through cooling systems.

They can limit scale formation in harder waters to some extent by eliminating nuclei at an early stage.

However, such balls cannot be used to remove hard scales, such as deposits rich in calcium carbonate, once the latter have become established.

The colour for this ball type is red.


Scouring Balls


Type “RB” and Type “RBL”

sball7“Scouring Balls” for removing those adherents deposits which cannot be removed using sponge balls and where the use of abrasive balls is not permitted or recommended.

A typical example would be bio-fouled layers which form readily on seawater-cooled titanium heat exchanger tubes, and where sponge balls tend to smear out the deposits but not remove them completely.

In contrast to the use of abrasive balls, where there is a risk of tube wear with excessive etc., the underlying tube material is unaffected by the cleaning action of the scouring ball on titanium tubes. Consequently, scouring balls can be used continually or at regular intervals.

Abrasive Balls


Type “RA/RTA”

sball4One-line tube cleaning systems operating at temperatures up to 80°C/140°C (e.g. steam condensers and heat exchangers in conventional and nuclear power plants and for MSF plants) for removing more adherent deposits which can not be removed using sponge balls or to smooth out rough tube surfaces (e.g. roughness resulting from acid cleaning or due to corrosion).

Abrasive balls should be used with care, so as to avoid the risk of enhanced corrosion, especially in brackish, sea or other high-chloride cooling waters.

Granulated Balls


Type “RG”

sball8These are sponge balls coated with a ring of fine granulated plastic particles.

They are mainly used to eliminate those relatively soft deposits which cannot be completely removed using uncoated sponge balls (e.g. bio-fouling of titanium tubes).

In contrast to abrasive balls, the use of scouring balls results neither in damage to protective surface films nor in wear of the tube wall itself.

High Temperature Balls


Type “RT” and Type “RTL”

On-line tube cleaning systems operating at temperatures up to 140°C for MSF plants industrial units.

The colour for this ball type is blue, for the Light ball type lilac.